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Choosing UX Design Career in 2020

What is User Experience Design?

User experience refers to any interaction that a user has with a product or service. Well, a UX design contains each and every element which shapes the user experience, how it makes the user feel and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. It is same as a physical product that feels in your hand. The one goal of a UX designer is to create easy efficient, relevant and all-round pleasant experiences for the user.

User Experience is not something that came out of the air, but it rather came naturally as ideas do to us.

The need for the user experience emerged over the past years, the demand for experienced UX designers by the commercial companies increased on a big scale. The UX designer profile as a job is been on the list of top highest paying jobs which is stated by Glassdoor and is on the 6th position.

Well, you need to have a brief insight on what user experience is, and to get that big of a brief you need to read the article which will help you gain some knowledge about “What is a User Experience?” or “Why should you consider UX designing as a Career Choice?”

What is UX Design?

A UX Design is the end to end-user interaction with the company, its services and its products. UX Design is not only about the usability or user interface but it constitutes other areas as well.

The process undergoes through the measures which are required in developing products and services which ultimately render a pleasing and meaningful experience to the users and customers by integrating some of the major aspects such as utility, functionality, design, branding, and usability as compared to others.

In fact, for a mobile application to gain success the UX design has emerged as to be very essential.

What should be the Reasons to opt for UX Design Career?

  1. Market Demand

Market Demand plays an important role or as a major element which adds up the popularity of UX design career. Like if you invest around $2 in a UX design it returns in between around $4 to $100 USD which is intentional and strategic user experience that holds the potential to boost conversion rates as high as 400-500% which is quite enough to understand the reason behind this escalated demand that promises to increase in 2020.

  1. Growth & Opportunities

The never expanding market and the everlasting need for products and services which is giving rise to more experience and even for the fresher UX designers, there are a bunch of opportunities which is knocking on the door.

The role of a UX designer is very vast in the life of the people is very vast as for a fact from the total amount of people using the smart devices which runs applications spend most of their time on their phones which counts for around 22% in numbers which is a proof that how a UX designer is important in users life.

  1. Scope of Innovation and creativity

Day by day new technology is coming to trend with new things coming to the market comes with scope and creativity. There are many niches in the market that a UX designer can target, which gives them scope for experimenting and innovating new things.

You get to dive into the minds of the users if you are opting for UX Design Career and get to empathize with them to deliver something out of the box which is unique. So you can choose the UX designer to be one of the best career options.

  1. Enhance the enjoyment of the devices

You can prove your art in a room you can be innovative, what you create gives pleasure to others using it. A UX designer owns the power to deliver the products which are meant to make people’s lives better.

A Do have UX Designer Skills

The answer to the question “How to Change Your Career from Web Design to UX Design?” lies just below:

Working as a UX designer highly requires a diverse group of skill-set along with a passion for the user-centric design. Making a career in UX can be a challenging task and can be financially rewarding too. Well, according to a well-recognized website survey the average salary of a User Experience Designer in the US is $100k.

There is no path or background that will lead you to UX. However, there are UX designers typically who share certain qualities which includes:

  • A user-first mindset
  • String Problem Solving Skill
  • Strong Communication Skills and the ability to be collaborative
  • Ability to think analytically and creatively both
  • Major interest in latest and trending technology and how do the humans interact with it.

Other skill may include:

  • Ability to plan and conduct user testing, surveys, and formal evaluations
  • Understanding of interaction design principal and information architecture.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, the ability to discuss your designs with your clients and other stakeholders
  • Flexibility and Adaptability in working and building designs.
  • The ability to work on user qualitative feedback.
  • Proficiency in building sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes and storyboards.

How to become a UX designer at Endive Software?

You can be a UX Designer in our company, you can start your UI/UX career with us mail us out and we will look forward to work with you. We are a UI/UX design service providing company and we would totally love have enthusiasts as you work with us.


There are many people who switch to UX design after gaining experience in another field like psychology, marketing, customer service, computer science. To get into UX design it is important to know about the workflow, it is important if you do some research to familiarize yourself with some of the industry tools and can create a strong portfolio for yourself.

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