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Choosing UX Design Career in 2020

What is User Experience Design? User experience refers to any interaction that a user has with a product or service. Well, a UX design contains each and every element which shapes the user experience, how it ma...

PayPal Vs Stripe

PayPal Vs Stripe: Which Payment Gateway Is Best For Business?

PayPal and Stripe both can provide your business or company with everything it needs to start accepting online payment methods for both merchant accounts and payment gateway.


How Much Does It Cost To Build A Streaming Service Like

In today’s world, online streaming services are very common. Every other person right next to you is just streaming a video or music every other second. Those times are gone when people used to watch TV, I mean...

Magento Migration

Magento1 to Magento2 Migration Process

Are you having your own online store? If yes, then what platform it is built on? Magento is it? Yes, then you must have given it a thought about migrating from Magento1 to Magento2 which is the latest Magento v...

Best IDEs For Ruby And Rails Development

The Best IDEs For Ruby And Rails Development

Being a programmer you have always heard about Ruby, or you would have programmed in Ruby. IDE is all you need to get started when you are programming with Ruby on Rails framework. There are many IDE available ...