Some of our finest work


Food Delivery App

DishPal, a Canada based startup, is an online Food Ordering app that has been developed in order to bring restaurants and foodies on a single platform. Available on both Android and iOS platform.


POD Luxury

Taxi Booking App

POD Luxury is a US based leading transportation service provider who deals in Black Car Services. We have built POD Luxury Car booking app with innovation, creativity and excellence.


Colour Day Festival

Event Application

ColourDay is a Web and Mobile application (Android and iOS) which is fully owned by Skull Production, Greece’s largest event planner of music and color festivals. A well designed platform where people can connect and enjoy the festival of color.



Taxi Booking App

Nibora, Kenya’s largest transportation service provider who deals in all kinds of car & bike booking services . The app is loaded with a wide range of functionalities which makes it easier to book a ride. It’s robust and intuitive, users can get onboard by choosing categories among Nibora Bike, NiboraKadogo, Nibora Pickup, and Nibora Standard. Ensures easy booking and excellent riding experience, this app is integrated with a secure payment gateway like PayPal to foster easy transaction .



School Survey Application

Azit, a school survey app we developed for our Korean client. This app is based on a unique concept that will help parents and teachers to know the child’s mindset and provide a better understanding to them. Now how you ask? Simply yet conveniently, this app provides a small survey of questions that can be hosted by parents or teachers and answered by students on the Azit platform to test whether the children are in depression or not . The appealing design and easy-to-use functionality help parents or teachers to track other activities of children, such as children’s arriving time, leaving time, weekly or monthly report, etc.